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There are three activities that we are to engage in this grant. They are:

  1. Create a wiki book on plant breeding
  2. Create one or more eLearning modules to support PB faculty the recruitment of students to the program
  3. Create a web-based game that exposes people to the essence of plant breeding

Wiki Book

There are several objectives for the book.

  1. It should be easy to print. We may want to work on the print format page. Wikis are poor at printing videos and flash.
  2. It should contain videos, photos, animations, simulations, and graphics as they support the content and we will be creating most of these.
  3. We should figure out how to embed videos and I think the answer is to work with Michael Wisenbaker
  4. There will be 27 chapters from various authors, but the look and feel of the book ought to be constant and we should determine that look and feel.

eLearning Modules

We need to create at least one eLearning module. There have been at least two suggestions. One of them is an existing continuing education course they have. We can simply convert this. The other is to take a week's worth of content from Dr. Cecelia's class and convert this to eLearning. It would be nice if one of these would make use of the video game. I am thinking it can be a bottom-up teaching strategy where the learners play the game and then in the eLearning experience, they share what they think they may have learned.

Plant Breeding Game

As with all of our game work, our prime directive is to make sure that the game is fun. The secondary objective is that the players will learn something important about plant breeding. A third level goal is that by playing the game, players will be more aware of the field of Plant Breeding and some may eventually choose a career in this area.

The game will be built using Unity. We will make all the graphics using Maya. The resultant game will be distributed via the web for free. We will have Unity Pro educational version setup for use by Tony and we will have Maya setup for use by Milan and Daisyane. We already have CS5 for use in any other visualizations that are needed for any part of the project.

Plant Breeding - Begin with two or more plants that are different. Figure out genetic markers. Cross breed. Figure out genetics. Select progeny to then breed next generation.

Make sure to do various crops, fruit, grain, vegetable.

May have a market where these are sold. SimAg.

  • Basic genetics two plants
  • Single Gene Trait cuts across several plants
  • Hybrids - multiple traits
  • Molecular Markers

Notes from Meeting with Ananta 10-Sept

Win State

To have a 99% generation of plants with the desired attributes.

Begin with a simple one attribute gene and progress through 5 attributes.

Sweetness/bitter, disease resistance/susceptible , size, insect resistance/susceptible, color .


Tomato, soy bean, pea, pepper, strawberry, corn, hops

Green House


  • Cut Leaves
  • Mix Chemicals
  • Centrifuge
  • Robot




Levels Level 1 Maybe have two plants -- one with large fruit and one with small. Task is to determine which is dominant.

Level 2 would be 5 plants -- maybe three or them are red and two are orange and you have to figure out if red or orange is dominant.

Educational Objectives

  1. Create a new plant with certain genetic composition using standard plant breeding procedures beginning with a simple attribute through complex attributes.
  2. Use basic genetic tools such as a Punnet Square.
  3. Identify dominant or recessive gene marker in plant.

Images in eBook

  • Make images that have a consistent style so that there is consistency from idea to idea.
  • This might be achieved by using the same color scheme and then adding or subtracting detail.
  • Images might include real things like the peppers aligned to a Punnet Square matching colors of the veggie to the colors in the square.
  • Kiran will supply Daisy with various images of male and female flowers, bisexual flower and a cell.